Selfie 2023

Hey there, I’ll spare you the "me talking in the 3rd person",

My name is Giacomo Jay Ganduglia and I’m a Creative Director and Visual Artist based in London

As a Visual Artist, I always believed that being a specialist wasn't something for me, I always loved to explore new things, new software, techniques, and art styles. I created a solid knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, working in photography and illustration, then Premiere Pro, Final Cut and After Effects, and, lately, Blender.

 I'm still learning and developing different workflows for different projects, using both 3d, 2d, and real-life (video and still). I won't stop learning, failing, and starting again and most of all trying to get the best result and having fun in the process. Some refer to people like me as multipotentialite I love to think no one ever stops learning, being curious is the key.

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